9-Days Eid Holiday

What occurs to anyone’s mind when hearing about the upcoming awesome 9-Days Eid Holiday after weeks of hard work and annoying routine? Book your tickets, pack your luggage and TRAVEL!

It is quite interesting how airline companies raise the prices of tickets in occasions like that and it is ordinary. But when the idea passes the reasonable line, we start questioning why.

By doing a comparison between now and then, it will be obvious how prices crazily went up bearing in mind a short-destination trip.

Destination: Dubai

Normal period
Departure date: Thursday 20-October-2011
Arrival date: Saturday 29-October-2011

Eid period
Departure date: Thursday 03-November-2011
Arrival date: Saturday 12-November-2011

Airline: Jazeera Airways
Normal period

Eid period

Airline: Kuwait Airways
Normal period

Eid period

Airline: Fly Dubai
Normal period

Eid period

Cool. Let numbers talk. A small calculation of increase percentage between now and then will show the following:

Jazeera Airways: 262%
Kuwait Airways: 95%
flydubai: 191%

If a short-destination trip like Dubai recorded those numbers, think about a little farther city.

Have a nice holiday!

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