Household Helping Robot Unveiled

Japanese scientists of Honda unveiled a human-shaped developed version of an interacting robot called “Asimo” which was firstly introduced back in 2000. The intelligent robot can perform many tasks and orders such as getting a drink, opening a thermos flask, pouring out juice and it can even spell out its own name in sign language. This developed robot is able to balance itself on uneven surfaces and hop on one foot. Asimo succeeded to differentiate the voices of three people speaking at the same time using face recognition and analyzing sound techniques, as one woman wanted hot coffee, another ordered orange juice, and the third asked for milk tea.

Technology never stops to amaze us day after day but do you think the Kuwaiti market would adopt such a technology in the future?? taking into consideration that the majority of society is very dependent on house-maids? In my opinion, this kind of technology could be useful to get in dangerous zones and perform risky tasks where humans are restricted to enter, but replacing maids? I doubt it. And as we always say, only time can tell..

Here is a video demonstrating how the robot performs a few of its features:


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