Life of Colors….

Imagine life in black and white, how boring would it be? It’s a blessing that adds magical sensations when our eyes enjoy living in colors and we must be grateful for being able to catch all those colorful moments while some misfortune people are deprived from it. Appreciate every single second whenever you see a breathtaking scene specially if what stunned you is the mixture or shades of colors in it. Let’s get started and surf in the sea of colors 🙂


Red: No. 1 emotions intensive color causing rapid heartbeat and breathing. Well- known as the symbol of love. Eye-Catching and draws all attention if being wore.

Yellow: Symbolizing optimism. Some shades of it are very annoying to eyes. Known to improve concentration, therefore it is widely used for attention and warning signs.

Green: Equals nature. Unlike yellow, it is very comfy for eyes to look at. Hospitals use it more often to relax patients. A symbol of wealth, that’s why most paper currencies are green.

Blue: Color of the sky reflected on the ocean. Unlike red, it is very peaceful. Similar to green, it has calming abilities. Blue is very popular and widely used in decoration.

Purple: Indicates to royalty, luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also very beautiful, feminine and romantic color thus bedrooms are mostly painted with the lavender shade.

The previous pictures were taken from National Geographic while the brief description is the opinion of psychologists in colors.


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