Eureka, Today Only..

Another great offer from Eureka for the iPhone 4s, best price in the market.

2 comments on “Eureka, Today Only..

  1. Ahmad says:

    It’s sad that Kuwait’s prices are always so inflated. If this is the best price in the market, it says a lot about the market. That’s why I haven’t upgraded from my iPhone4. I can’t justify the inflated prices just so I can have Siri. The upgraded processor doesn’t matter to me much cause I don’t game on my phone. Usually utility and GPS based apps. We need more competitive pricing in Kuwait.

    • B says:

      Exactly, i haven’t upgraded mine either as i only use my iPhone to finish work quicker and faster, oh and by the way Siri will be available for downloaded soon as some french firm cracked it and will make it available for all platforms as they claimed (Here)

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