The 2 Million KD Camel ! جمل الـ 2 مليون دينار‏

Another Kuwaiti achievement was recently added to Guinness Book of Records and now it’s neither the largest helmet in the world nor the biggest Tabouleh/Hummus dish as we’re accustomed to Arab lame records. This time is a slightly different achievement as a Camel named “Bedour” was sold for KD2,000,000 (around $7,230,000) in cash as the seller refused receiving a cheque or ATM card. The Camel Auction was held in Sulaibiya according to local newspapers.

This uniquely beautiful camel as described by its seller is distinguished among other camels and he claimed that the Holy Prophet Mohammed (Prayers and Blessings Upon Him) had ridden this type of camel and that’s the main reason which made it expensive and makes the purchase worth every Fils paid in it. Also, he stated that the value of this camel is for the most part is about its offspring rather than the quality of its meat, hyrax, milk or urine.

Have a look at the 2 million KD babe. 😛


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