Kuwait’s Most Visited Websites أكثر المواقع شعبية في الكويت

As we approach to the new year, I was curious to find out what sites do people most check out on the internet in Kuwait. Most of the sites that made it to the top ranks were expected. Here is the top 15 list for the past month.

1. YouTube (Global rank: 3)

2. Google.com.kw (Global rank: 831)

3. Facebook (Global rank: 2)

4. Google.com (Global rank: 1)

5. Windows Live (Global rank: 8 )

6. Yahoo! (Global rank: 4)

7. Twitter (Global rank: 9)

8. Blogspot.com (Global rank: 7)

9. Maktoob.com (Global rank: 188)

10. Wikipedia (Global rank: 6)

11. جريدة الوطن (Global rank: 6,403)

12. MSN (Global rank: 12)

13. Q8yat.com (Global rank: 3,519)

14. صحيفة اليوم السابع (Global rank: 458)

15. كووورة (Global rank: 360)

To view the complete top 500 list: click here


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