Chocolate-Made Stand, Beirut مجسم الشوكولاته، بيروت

Hello again from Lebanon 😀 A couple of days ago i went to the City Mall which is located in Beirut and i couldn’t help not noticing this beautiful art work by Chantilly Chocolatier.

It is made of more than 120,000 pieces of chocolate filling a space of 70 square meter. it took the efforts of 37 Lebanese designers and craftsmen to build up the structure consuming 720 working hours. The portrait as it is obviously shown represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

However, here is the best part of the story.. Of course many of you are wondering now where all that chocolate is gonna end up? Chantilly Chocolatier who made this work will distribute the chocolates to charities. Enjoy the pictures below and stay tuned 🙂


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