Crepaway Restaurant, Beirut مطعم كريباواي، بيروت

Hello again buddies. I remember that we had this restaurant in Kuwait a few years ago, I guess it was located in Belajat Street in the place of Divas.  Anyway, i had lunch in their Beirut branch. They have indoor and outdoor tables. I chose an outdoor table nearby the street for the nice view, even though that you may see beggar kids pass by asking you for money while you’re having your meal. In fact that didn’t annoy me at all, it just made me feel sorry for how their parents would let them roam the streets in the middle of this cold. 😦

Anyway, I ordered Mozzarella Sticks and a very nice diet meal that includes Beef, Chicken Breast, Salad and Mashed Potatoes. the meal was delicious & i had a great time there,  Stay tuned 🙂

Rate: 8/10


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