Deek Duke Restaurant, Beirut مطعم ديك ديوك، بيروت

Another restaurant review from my stay in Lebanon that I’d like to share, Deek Duke Restaurant, Beirut. It is mainly specialized in Chicken Platters and Sandwiches. This restaurant is located nearby Roadster diner in Hamra Street. Deek Duke and Roadster diner have many other branches all over Lebanon though.

I ordered Chicken Breasts, Cheese Samboosa and Diet Coke, the food was great as expected. However, As far as I noticed the staff  “waiters and waitresses” in the restaurants in Lebanon who are 90% Lebanese are very very friendly, they introduce their names and come every once to make sure that everything is as it should be. I haven’t visited all the restaurants here YET 😛 but I’ve never encountered such friendly and helpful staff in restaurants more than the ones i met here, especially the people from Roadster diner. 😀 Deek Duke was another amazing experience for me in Lebanon, stay tuned. 🙂

Rate: 9/10


One comment on “Deek Duke Restaurant, Beirut مطعم ديك ديوك، بيروت

  1. Deek Duke says:

    Dear Abdullah,

    We thank you for the lovely post, and we are so glad you enjoyed your meal 🙂
    We are looking forward to hearing more from you.
    Have a great Sunday!

    Deek Duke Team

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