The Kitchen Restaurant مطعم ذا كيتشن

My first visit to The Kitchen Restaurant, located in the Village Abu Al-Hasaniya, truly a great experience with the food and the place, we sat inside as the weather were really cold and it was raining a little, we ordered Potato Sticks with Hotdogs for the appetizers & wasn’t  really what i expected, then we ordered Classic Beef Burger and the Chicken Avocado Bacon Burger, just the type of burger you’d really want when your hungry, i enjoyed every bite to the last piece, now the best part is the dessert, we got Chubby Balls “The management should really consider another name for it”. 😛 i really think everyone must at least try it once in their next visit to The Kitchen. everything else just seemed perfect and the staff were very kind and smiling all the time. 😉

Rate: 9/10

For more info: click here

The End


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