Breakfast at Cafe Blanc الإفطار لدى كافيه بلان

It was a beautiful morning and we decided to have breakfast at Café Blanc which is located at Marina Crescent right next to The Chocolate Bar. They also have a branch in The Avenues. We chose an outdoor table because the weather was perfect. They have a very appetizing typical Lebanese breakfast selections.

We ordered Trio Combo Breakfast: Labneh, Fig Jam and Halloumi Cheese. They serve that with Pickles, Radishes and Olives with freshly baked Lebanese bread right out of the oven. I must say the Fig Jam (مربى التين) is the best jam I’ve ever had! Really tasty. Additionally, we had Falafel and a range of Pastries: Beef, Zaatar, Labneh and Cheese. And of course Tea with Mint for drinks.

The outdoor atmosphere is convenient for nice weather days and the staff are friendly. They play Fairooz songs along with other classic Lebanese songs. Btw, Shisha is available too. The only note I have for them is the prices which I found a bit high. But overall, I really recommend it and looking forward to experience their lunch.



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