Cafe Hamra, Beirut كافيه حمرا، بيروت

In my last week in Beirut, my residency was in some Hotel in Hamra area, the area that never sleeps, If you’ve been to Lebanon before i guess you already know this area because it is full of cafes, restaurants, and many shopping stores as well. anyway i would like to share with you guys a review about my favorite cafe at Hamra street, Cafe Hamra, they serve one of my best Shisha in Lebanon and they also have an amazing Salad Bar and a rich menu of many cuisines, in my last visit to Cafe Hamra i had a delicious Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta, Mozzarella Sticks and as usual my Diet Coke, followed with an Apple Shisha and Tea 😀 i loved the decoration of the place over there and the friendly staff, specially the good looking lady at the front entrance ;P enjoy the pictures.

Rate 9/10

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