Made in China صنع في الصين‏

Everything possible that we use around us these days seems to be “Made in China”. If not, then it must have a cheaper replica somewhere out there and you guessed it, “Made in China”. It’s not that I have anything against China, I actually love Chinese food. 😛 In addition, I admire their constant rapid development and progressive attitude and I consider it as one of the greatest coolest countries and in fact it is one of the greatest countries. I mean, come on! Have you ever heard of a 30 storey, 183000 square foot hotel built in 360 hours? “360 hours = 15 days”… Yeah, Only in China! 😀 And I’m not surprised for the record, the ancestors of those guys had built the miraculous Great Wall of China.

Enjoy the amazing video below. Really interesting and worth watching, and pay attention to the details they mention along the video. I salute them and if only we had such construction works in Kuwait to finish all the pending projects or the ones which take ages to be done. 😛


Anyway, that wasn’t my point from this post. My point is, in general seeing a cheap replica of some well-known product gets on my nerves and I think the masters of replicating products are the Chinese. I think even the cheap prices they offer aren’t a good deal for a product that breaks down soon after you get it out of its box and you rarely put your hands on a sustaining item that lasts for long. But after all, prices reflect value in most cases. But when it comes to different kinds of products like my iPhone for example and any iPhone around the globe, I happily accept it being assembled in China and I’m not concerned about quality for 2 reasons. First: It’s not a replica, it’s the original outsourced product offered by Apple. Second: Imagine Apple manufacturing its products in the US instead. How much do you think it’s gonna cost?

At the end I leave you with a funny random pic I found on the net. 🙂

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