iOS Dominates 52% of Mobile Web Market‏

This piece of news made me realize how strong Apple’s iOS is standing still among all its competitors despite all the rumors saying that iOS is being knocked down day after day by other operating systems. I mean, half of the market share? That’s pretty fantastic!

According to that article which started by stating the question “Who’s browsing the mobile web the most?”, the answer was “Apparently, iPhone and iPad owners”.

These statistics of iOS dominating (52%) of mobile market web share demonstrate the data of December 2011 and they are done by a very reliable statistics source which is NetMarketShare. The article continues.. “Android, meanwhile, had a (16.29%) share, behind Java ME at (21.27%), which fell into second place. Trailing the top three were Symbian (5.76%), BlackBerry (3.51%) and the mysterious “Other” (1.07%) which is where Windows Phone must be hiding. iOS saw the highest numbers in October, when it reached 61.5%”.

If interested to read the full article, click here.


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