Privacy Policies, Read or Ignore Them? سياسات الخصوصية، بين قراءتها وتجاهلها

I bet most of you guys ignore them, just like me. 😛 They are those boring paragraphs of words and words and extra words, bla bla bla.. Reading them is torture! I’m not exaggerating because imagine how many awesome things you can do in those 10 mins “AT LEAST” of scrolling down, flipping pages AND reading dull boring policies or terms of service, yeah you have a world to save waiting for you, why waste your precious time with all that crap! 😛 The situation is as simple as that, just hit the “Agree” button and get your work done already!

I think they’re made horribly long in purpose so that no one reads them and the users/consumers blindly agree to whatever is written within. I’ve always wondered what’s the worst consequence that could happen as a penalty from ignoring them. I’m quite aware that privacy issues could lead to dangerous results if misused, but give us a break, the “Terms of Service” or “Privacy Policies” are waaay too long and very discouraging to be read.

Let’s suppose that one person was in the mood to read them, the legalized format of the text itself must be confusing for an average person. Not everybody is a lawyer to understand or analyze that tricky legal wording. If only they were a little bit cooler and I must say “shorter”, they would be another story and people would actually enjoy reading them.


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