Apps Crash: iOS Vs. Android مقارنة عن الخلل في التطبيقات‏

Here we go again.. Another day, another comparison between smart-phones giants in terms of operating system: iOS Vs. Android, and in particular on whose apps crash more. According to a study prepared by Crittercism, it turned out that iOS Apps crash more often than their rival, Android. Check out the data in the below chart.

As an iOS user, I rarely recall struggling with crashed Apps and in those few incidents it was always with certain couple of Apps. Maybe it’s because I’m not an Apps freak and I only keep a countable number of Apps on my phone “64 Apps” :P. Also I think it’s more of a software issue than a hardware one and the piece of evidence that backs up my opinion is that only certain Apps crash and others perform so greatly. Anyhow, I can’t give an objective observation between iOS and Android as I haven’t used an Android phone.

Ironically and while I was writing this post, my PC stopped responding and my browser crashed! 😀 I think someday I’ll do my own study or let’s call it a review comparing between my PC’s Windows and my MacBook’s iOS. 🙂

If interested to read the article in depth, click here.


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