Papa Johns Pizza بيتزا بابا جونز

In the past, there was only Pizza Hut and Sobaro, but days passed by and Pizza Restaurants started to pop up everywhere in Kuwait, and as Pizza lovers, Me and my blog friend B, we’ve tried them all, and we must admit that Papa Johns is the best out of them, and we feel like sharing what we usually order 🙂 we went to Papa Johns recently with our friends, we’ve picked Chicken Wings and Wedges Potatos for appetizers, and  Super Papas Pizza, Pepperoni and Chicken BBQ. and to be honest, we didn’t like the Chicken Wings, they were not well done. :/ check the pictures and stay tuned for more reviews =)

Rate: 8.5/10


2 comments on “Papa Johns Pizza بيتزا بابا جونز

  1. bob says:

    so you consider a fast food pizza the best pizza?

    im sorry, but I will not be taking food advice from this blog. ever.

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