Queen’s Burger Restaurant مطعم كوينز برجر

A new restaurant opened just opposite to Buffalo’s complex, Queen’s Burger is located in Salmyia, Salem Mubarak Street.

The restaurant is a Kuwaiti Local Concept, they serve Burgers & also have a small section under the international name of “Mrs Field” which serves frosted, decorated and many other types of cookies.

The menu was very rich of burger choices & the prices were very convenient, we surely went with the burgers to try out, they were small but the taste was great, the cheese fries were good as well, after the good meal we were stuffed & couldn’t try the yummy cookies. 😦

The place was very small & i think they should have a different location because i felt like im in the middle of nowhere in that area.

They launched a new website with the option to order online. Link  or Follow on Twitter or Facebook / Tel: 25739939

Rate: 8/10


6 comments on “Queen’s Burger Restaurant مطعم كوينز برجر

  1. Ahmed says:

    that cheese fries look yummy

  2. ريم says:

    انا كنت ماره بالشارع وشفت الشعار حلو ألوانه
    ولما طلبت حده Burger كان خفيف

  3. محمد says:

    امس كانت في المحل وجربت كلاسيك بيرقير و ناتشوز برقر
    كان مميز وخفيف حيل غير عن باجي المطاعم =)

  4. جاسم says:

    Mmm madry shno agool bas
    Buffalo Wings kan yummmy
    also Breaded CHICKEN kann gawi 😀

  5. Jamela says:

    الصور حلوين 🙂 والأكل شكله يشاوق بروح اجربه

  6. LaLo says:

    Amaazing 😀

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