Horrifying Things We Eat Without Knowing أشياء مفزعه نأكلها من غير أن نعلم

Yes, you will actually be surprised from the list below, some interesting information that should be shared.

1- Ground up bugs

This lovely additive bug is usually listed on food labels as “Natural Red #4,” “Cochineal,” “Carmine,” or (the most terrifying), “natural color.”  You can find this appetizing ingredient in anything from cherry ice cream to that healthy cherry or strawberry yogurt you like to enjoy.

2- Fertilizer

Everyone knows you need to wash your fresh fruits and vegetables to rinse away any pesticides and fertilizers that might have been sprayed on them, but there is actually one fertilizer that is commonly used as a food ingredient in many breads, including Subway rolls. Ammonium Sulfate is a common fertilizer ingredient often added to bread yeast to provide a more consistent dough. Want another foot-long?

3- Beaver Anal Glands

Castoreum, which is the anal glands of a beaver is used in many rasberry flavored candies and some vanilla flavored ice creams. Usually found listed as castoreum or “natural flavor” on food labels.

4- Sheep Secretions

Also known as lanolin, the oils inside a sheep’s wool are added to bubble gum (usually listed as “gum base”). Lanolin can also be found in skin moisturizers, conditioners, soaps and shampoos.

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2 comments on “Horrifying Things We Eat Without Knowing أشياء مفزعه نأكلها من غير أن نعلم

  1. Dee says:

    il3aan yahuud for making us eat all that shit.

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