The Noodlehouse Restaurant مطعم ذا نودل هاوس

The Noodlehouse restaurant which was once on the gulf road next to Johnny Carinos is now located in Salmyia, Olympia Mall, it is a Dubai based franchise, anyway that was my first time there & the place seemed very neat and quite.

We were greeted and seated, the waiter came up & was very helpful & knowledgeable in introducing the dishes, our appetizers were Beef ruby dumplings & Spinach sweet corn soup with chicken & both were not bad at all.

Our main dishes were Singapore Noodles with chicken & prawns, Bakmi goreng, Wok fried honey & sesame chicken, of course since we were starving the dishes were empty in less than 5 minutes 😛 the food was pretty delicious and i would highly recommend trying the sesame chicken.

Now the service was good & the food came fast and everything, the prices were average and exactly what you’d expect when you enter any similar restaurant here in Kuwait.

For more info: Link

Rate: 9/10

Wok fried honey & sesame chicken

Singapore Noodles with chicken & prawns

Bakmi Goreng


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