Marni for H & M Kuwait Craziness جنون مارني اتش اند ام في الكويت

Am sure most of you have already saw the pictures or the videos for the Marni H&M opening at the avenues mall the other day, but the question is does any of you know what Marni is? or at least tried to bother and look it up? oh well i did since am sure many people who bought or went there still unsure what the brand is about.

Marni is born in 1959 Consuelo Castiglioni, part Chilean, was raised in the Italian-Swiss town of Lugano. Launched in 1994, her label Marni was born out of a reputation she gained for her design work with her husband’s family’s fur business. At that time fur was at its least popular, labouring under an old fashioned fusty image. Castiglioni treated fur as an ‘ordinary’ fabric in her line of super chic, wearable clothing. The label, named after her sister, expanded as her customers expressed a desire for clothing to also wear under their furs.

To read more: Link or Wikipedia

See @ 0:33 one guy is pushing his way into the shop, i seriously cant imagine myself doing that. 😛


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