My New MacBook Pro Cover

Protecting your notebook from dust, scratches or whatever is essential but I didn’t realise that I should get a cover for my MacBook until recently. 😛

I checked out Blink and found a very nice collection of colors. For the 15″ size they currently have two materials: SATIN and Hard Shell. Both types are for KD17. Personally I prefer the SATIN material so I ordered this lovely red cover. Check it out. 😉

4 comments on “My New MacBook Pro Cover

  1. Chikapappi says:

    Looks like pink :p I had one, over time tends to heat up the laptop from under so I took it off

    • A says:

      naah its red 😉 and yeah it heats up the laptop a little but still its good for protection specially when i take it with me 3al gahwa =)

  2. L says:

    how long does it take to arrive ? from blink ?

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