Shitty New Releases for PS3 أخر العاب البلاي ستيشن 3

Last night i went to Rehab complex and checked out the new releases in stores, i got myself “Silent Hill – Downpour” & the New “Twisted Metal” each for KD 18 and yes i know “Nasabeen” :P, as many of you know Twisted Metal has been a long time franchise for the PlayStation brand since its debut in 1995.

Frankly, i just lost confidence in new titles that are coming these days, i just don’t seem to trust any as they don’t really fight their way into top of the competition between the old good games or long series, now the bad thing is even the old series are being affected by the new ones for example “Silent Hill” is just getting worse with every new sequel, i started playing the new one but the camera is so slow and keeps lagging and a new fighting system that is very similar to the RPG, where are the good old games and what did they turn them into? i just miss the old games like Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Soul Reaver and Parasite Eve.

Do you guys think that the new generation is demanding these new shitty releases? for me i think yes since they companies are milking every new game every year with a new release and all gamers are still buying anyway regardless of the rating or quality.


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