Blink Service خدمة بلينك

A while ago, and to be more precisely on 6th of March, Blink offered a very nice Deal of the Day on Samsung Galaxy SII External Battery Case, Car Charger and Screen Protector all for KD9. The offer grabbed my attention immediately and I decided to order it for my sister since she was looking for those items.
I’ve been ordering from Blink regularly for a while and never encountered any problem quality-wise. The thing is, the charger didn’t seem to work well when we received it this time. I got busy a little and didn’t have the chance to follow up with this issue until yesterday. I went to Blink store which is located in Hawally. I told them about it and the staff replaced it to me right away. They were helping and very friendly. I just want to say that these things happen and I want to thank them for their good service in solving this issue 🙂

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