Rude Underwear Ad. إعلان وقح للملابس الداخلية

We all realise that advertising depends on creativity in order to catch people’s attention. To market a product, companies snipe unique ideas to dazzle the consumers and capture their interest. It is also very common in western media to see commercials not offering the purpose of the ad. straight-forward but they simply simulate the +18 mature minds which can think outside the box and get the manipulated message.

I have no idea since when the Arab world been so opened to introduce such commercials but what you’re about to watch is simply the rudest one I’ve ever watched in Arab media so far. The commercial belongs to Dice Underwear and according to some comments in YouTube it seems that the commercial has been banned from showing on TV channels. Obviously it made a controversy between likers and haters among YouTube’s audience. Just watch it below.


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