Titanic Remembrance Day 2012 الذكرى 100 لغرق سفينة التايتانك

100 years ago, an unsinkable ship, sank.  April 15th is Titanic Remembrance Day, an annual observance dedicated to the memory of the lives lost in one of the deadliest maritime disasters of all time.

Titanic’s original maiden voyage date was scheduled for March 20, 1912, but was pushed back when her sister ship, the Olympic, was damaged in an accident and needed to be repaired.

The length of the ship (Titanic 882.5 feet, Titan 800 feet), and the number of passengers on board were 2229 but only 713 survived.

It cost $7.5 million to build Titanic and it carried a $5 million insurance policy. It would cost about $400 million to build Titanic today.

to read the passenger and crew statistics: Link

Titanic’s Crew:
Left to Right: William McMaster Murdoch, Charles A. Bartlett, Henry Tingle Wilde and Captain Edward John Smith.

The Last Photo of the Titanic

The Front Deck


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