Watanyia Stand up Comedy Show

I found this on Watanyia’s Blog, A stand up comedy show that will take place in Kuwait University on the 3rd of May Sponsored By Watanyia and Insha’allah i will be defiantly attending, details from their blog as below:

Mad Stand Entertainment are having a comedy show you that’s sponsored by Wataniya you wouldn’t want to miss. The stand up comedians are Fahad AlButairi, Ibraheem Khairallah, Mohammed Zaghloul, Yousef AlTattan, and Faisal Al Basri. The comedy night will be on the 3rd of May 2012 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm in Kuwait University. Fahad AlButairi is a Saudi stand up comedian that shared the stage with a lot of comedians like Ahmed Ahmed and Maz Jobrani. Famously known for his La Yektharshow on YouTube.

Ticket Pricing:  Regular: 15 KD          VIP: 25 KD          VIP lounge: 200 KD

You can book your tickets here

Source: Link


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