The Amazing Max Payne 3

I only got the game 3 days ago, and since am a hardcore Max Payne fan, i must say after nine years of the 2nd one, this one beats them all without any hesitation, Rockstar Games are the best, they take their time developing the game and sharpening it to the max.

In 2 days only the game was finished, it took me almost 13hrs on the hard mode with (Free Aim) option, The events of the game goes somewhere in Brazil, Max tries to leave the past behind after the death of his wife & kid and starts his new life there working as a private security protecting a wealthy family but then everything takes a twisted turn & go wrong again,  i loved the soundtrack of the game specially the song  Tears by Health in the last chapter.

Rate: 9.5/10

If you are a fan of the series then this one is a MUST, now Rockstar Games are working on two another titles to be released soon (GTA 5, Agent) and i sure will be pre-ordering them to get my hands on them first day. 😀


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