Man Eats Another Man’s Face رجل يأكل وجه رجل أخر في مكان عام

Am sure most of have heard about the horrifying story that happened in the states recently specifically in Miami, The police shot a naked man to death after seeing him eating another naked man’s face while struggling for his life.

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This bizarre incident happened last week only and police are still investigating and collecting witnesses to find a reasonable answer to what must have happened there.

A street drug called “bath salts” that turns users delirious, aggressive and overheated, may have played a role in the bizarre street attack which a man had his face cannibalized by another man, says an emergency room doctor.

Are we gonna see more and more men eating each others face after this? because usually in the states they take everything they see to the max and i was just wondering if teenagers and others there will be trying out this kind of drug just for the fact of trying! hopefully not though because this is just insane and im sure as hell that i wouldn’t want our world to turn to one of those zombie movies we like to see.



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