WordPress For iOS Gets A Huge Update تحديث جديد للوردبرس على الايفون والايباد

ًWordpress is largely known  for its easy &  free use, anyone can use it to build and maintain a website or blog.

Today, there is a a huge update for the iOS, and since all the previous versions of the application lacked many features and options it was just another app in my phone that i rarely use because of it’s poor use.

The new update version 3.1 brings the application many new features and a full make-over.

Download from iTunes

In addition to the app’s major UI refresh.
– New sidebar menu for quick navigation.
– Sliding panels on the iPad for greatly improved navigation and ease of use.
– Updated colors and graphics.
– Improved sign up experience.
– New app icon.
★ Support for Post Formats.
★ WordPress.com Reader and Quick Photo added for the iPad.
★ New Simple post preview feature for the iPad.
★ All-new WordPress.com stats.
★ New WordPress.com Friend Finder feature helps you find your friends blogging on WordPress.com.
★ Landscape orientation support throughout the app.
★ Easy access to your site – view it and access the web dashboard right from the app.
★ Last but not least – many reliability improvements and performance tweaks.

2 comments on “WordPress For iOS Gets A Huge Update تحديث جديد للوردبرس على الايفون والايباد

  1. n3ver2late says:

    I have always had this App on my phone, but for some reason I’ve never felt comfortable blogging from it, it just feels like it would take too long, unless it was a really simple post.

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