Follow Your Favorite Restaurants

Since the list of restaurants here like Johnny Rockets & Nino are one of our favorites, we have decided to share this information to help spreading the word for the fans out there.


Facebook: NinoRestaurants   /   Twitter: @ninorestaurant   /   Instagram: @Nino_restaurant


Facebook: poshcafeme   /   Twitter: @poshcafe_kuwait   /   Instagram: @poshcafe

Bredz Artisan Bakery & KITCHEN:

Facebook: Bredzkuwait   /   Twitter: @bredz_kuwait   /   Instagram: @Bredz_Kuwait

Johnny Rockets:

Facebook: johnnyrocketsme   /   Twitter: @johnnyrocketskw   /   Instagram: @johnnyrocketskw


Facebook: LeilaRestaurants.Kuwait   /   Twitter: @LeilaKuwait   /   Instagram: @leila_Kuwait

Bredz Factory:

Facebook: bredz factory kuwait   /   Twitter: @bredz_factory   /   Instagram: bredz_factory


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