Taiba Hospital Bloggers Event

Firstly we would like to thank Taiba Hospital for the beautiful event last Wednesday which was held at the Regency Hotel. We appreciate your efforts for uniting all the bloggers. We are delighted to see Taiba Hopistal opening a path of communication with Kuwait’s Bloggers and Social Communities. In our point of view, We think this is a very smart step, as it helps to spread out the high level of medical care development that Taiba Hospital have reached in the past period until nowadays.

Despite some criticisms that the local health sector witnessed in the last period, We should always keep an eye on any kind of development & growth, exactly and in particular what is being accomplished in Taiba. We pay tribute to their efforts and to the role they are playing in improving the local level of medical care in general. We are not only talking about administrative and marketing achievements such as opening the channel of communications with bloggers, we are talking about the number & variety of medical departments that Taiba Hospital have reached, with high quality and well experienced Doctors, and more other services.

In the end, we would like to thank Mr. Rashid Al-Fadala and Ms. Ghada Abdulkhaliq for the wonderful evening, and ohh yes, we have won 4 prizes (picture below) but frankly, the most valuable prize was gathering up and having the pleasure of meeting you guys and all our fellow bloggers.

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