Solo Pizza Napulitana.. A Trip to Napoli

Solo Pizza Napulitana

First of All, We are back to restaurants reviews 🙂 and We are glad to start over food reviews again by sharing our experience at the BEST of all Pizza restaurants in Kuwait.. We are not exaggerating.. Yes.. Simply it is the BEST. Solo Pizza Napulitana, which is located in Kuwait City, Sharq, Behind KBT Tower (Link)

We went last thursday around 7:00PM, the place was very crowded so we had to wait for a table. it was all packed up with a group of “might be” Americans.. celebrating their friends birthday. Once they finished and went outside, A nice guy from those Americans was like “Sorry for keeping you waiting guys, we were celebrating our friend’s birthday, and believe me.. this Pizza is worth waiting”. We went inside and had a look at the menu, the friendly waiter suggested to start with Garlic Bread with Cheese.. and here we begin our Trip to Napoli…

Garlic Bread with Cheese

What a start.. I am writing this post and i cant even resist the above picture. In less than 3 minutes.. we finished the most delicious Garlic Bread we’ve ever tried, and then.. We went into the Pizza world.. we order 5 different kind of Pizzas.. starting from.. Margharita, Funghi, Frodo, Marinara & Garibaldi. The service was excellent and quick, the staff were very friendly and here’s some pictures i snapped while the chef was preparing our Pizzas.. 🙂


We were very excited for our hot Pizza to come out.. and as i mentioned before, the service was quick.. and we didn’t wait for along to continue our trip to Napoli.. and here’s some of the Pizzas we’ve ordered 🙂 as for me. the best was The Frodo.

The Margherita

The Frodo

Seriously.. that American guy was totally right.. this delicious Pizza was worth waiting.. we ate all 5 Pizzas and the dishes became EMPTY.. and here’s our prove 😀

Mission Accomplished!!

And then, its time for Deserts, its time for the Nutella Dario! A baked dough stuffed with delicious irresistible nutella chocolate..

Nutella Dario

Lastly, We will end this post as we started it.. saying that this place serves the best Pizza in Kuwait, and we highly recommend Pizza Lovers to pay it a visit.. and if you are not a Pizza Lover.. then you’ll join the club after you try Solo Pizza Napulitana.. Special thanks to the Chef.. and all Staff for the excellent and quick service.. and we leave you now with some pictures taken for the nice decoration of the place 🙂

Decoration of SPN

Decoration of SPN

Decoration of SPN


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