Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day Celebration الذكرى الـ 50 للمصادقة على الدستور الكويتي

Tomorrow is the day we are all waiting for, tomorrow will be the day Kuwait glows at night! The celebration of Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day.

Sure it’s gonna be crowded and i hateee crowded places, but in such events everyone should be there and participate even by attending because this is a celebration all Kuwait should witness and enjoy!

The KD 4.163 million budgeted celebration will be taking place in the sea, sky and land. Moreover, printouts of the constitution would be disseminated, and a commemorative coin has been released by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Below is something i got from Facebook with no source mentioned, but it might help some of you to find the best for watching.

I think Zone 3 would be the best place to watch the show, As its almost in the center of the celebration. Inshallah everything goes well Stay tuned for pictures and videos if i made it there and follow us on Instagram @q8chitchat. 😀

This is also a video i shot last year for the 50th Independence Day of Kuwait, and the 20th Anniversary of Liberation. Enjoy it in HD! 😀


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