Mada’s Bloggers Online Gaming Tournament

The other day Mada Communications held an event for the bloggers at Corniche Club as they recently have partnered with telecommunication giant TeliaSonera for better wireless online gaming in Kuwait.

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 & Need for Speed – The Run were the chosen games for the tournament, and i can honestly say that i had a great experience playing Call of Duty with full signal and competing with the online community out there, on the other hand Need for Speed was a bad choice as the game lagged a bit,  just a tip for next time guys please bring a fighting game and to be specific Mortal Kombat. 😀

This was the first time for me to try their Wireless Internet Service, It felt sweet playing without a laggy connection for once and I hope if i get the modem from them one day it services the same purpose for high quality online gaming.

Congratulations to the winners who got the first place and won Samsung Galaxy SIII, i was lucky to be among the top three though, it was my little brother actually but it still felt good 😀

The winners from Fried Junk & Q8Power

I’d like to extend my deepest thanks to Mada Communications for making such a joyful event.

Visit their site for more information: Link or Follow their pages on Facebook or Twitter


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