Texas Roadhouse Restaurant – Review

Texas Roadhouse is located in The Grand Avenue just near The Cheesecake factory easy to spot, We finally got the chance to check the place out on Saturday as it wasn’t that crowded.

This is their first branch here in Kuwait, and since i am fond with steaks i had to try this one.

That is a sample of the kind of steaks they have. Moreover, the place and atmosphere was alright, after we were greeted and seated outside we have noticed that it was a bad decision since the coldness of the AC was just too much to handle. Anyway, the menu was filled with all kind of steaks it really made me drool just seeing the pictures :D, finally we picked Bacon Cheeseburger (KD 3.750) wasn’t really a good choice since it got cold and it was hard to chew, Beef Brisket (KD 6.500) loved the juiciness and it tasted fine, and the GREAT Texas T-Bone steak (KD 14.00) i say great because it was that GOOD.

Now, all i can say is if you haven’t tried this place yet then you really should, it was a delightful experience for us and i wouldn’t hesitate going there again, the service was quick and the staff knew everything about the menu and greeted us with smiles and songs haha.

Empty tables, Free waiters and good steaks oh and they also put a bucket of peanuts at our table, which was new to see.

I found their prices to be a bit high to be honest, but it was alright since the food was as good.


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