Blackberry Playbook – Review

In the beginning, I want to thank RIM/BlackBerry for this beautiful & valuable gift, and frankly this is my first time to use any of their devices which means it’s a whole new experience for me. 😀

The debut of this tablet for the first time was last year, specifically in the month of April. It did not really receive many plaudits from people and the reason is due to the same problem I have now which is not owing a Blackberry device before, It happens every time you need to switch to a new brand in the market as you will need to synchronize it with your smartphone, laptop or tablet. My problem was easily solved when I borrowed my brothers Blackberry phone and then my experience began.

A total new experience than the usual Blackberry OS on smart phones, the material is really nice from the back side which gives a clean look to it and defiantly makes holding it more easier and quite manageable since it’s a 7 inch tablet.

On top you have a 3 mega-pixel front camera and light sensor and at the bottom edge you have different connectivity ports such as HDMI which I find to be unique than other tablets. On the rear you have the 5 mega-pixel back camera and unfortunately it’s not auto focus.

The navigating feel is really fast and you can easily jump from one app to another with the gestures, now what it’s missing is the calendar, email client and in order to do that you need to go through the BB Bridge app only if you have a BB smartphone, and YES the same goes for the famous BBM which kind of reduces the functionality of the device.

Most people purchase tablets for the browsing experience, and in the BB Playbook the browser does it and Flash runs smoothly on it, the processing power of the tablet is able to play HD with no problems whatsoever with great quality. This device is just like the rest of tablets available in the market but to have full advantage you need to own a Blackberry Smartphone.

For Specification: Link


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