Review: The Counter Burger مطعم ذا كاونتر

20130101_224234As we finished the night yesterday from the movie “Life of Pi” which is a masterpiece by the way, i came to notice a new burger place just right near the cinema in the Avenues called “The Counter”, i couldn’t resist the urge to try it since the idea of customizing my burger got my attention in the first place.

20130101_224222We were greeted and seated by the friendly staff, then came the messy Menu and with it came the explanation, we ordered our own customized burgers defiantly to try out from the (Build your own burger menu), and mine was stuffed with almost everything that i was barely able to get a bite! and then got a Trio mix of Fries, Sweet Potato Fries & Onion Strings that was enough for 3 persons.

20130101_21545520130101_22074320130101_22060520130101_221444DELICIOUS!! was the first word to come outta my mouth, i ordered my burger medium and for the first time ever the burger came the way i ordered it pink from inside which is my favorite of course <3, the fries was alright though nothing special.

After a while we had a chitchat with the manager and we got to know a little about the place and that they might be opening two other branches soon somewhere in Mahboula and 360 mall.


Then came this delectable large cookie with ice cream as a complimentary from the restaurant. In short, it was a great experience and i certainly will come back again. Our total bill came KD 18.850 which is average for such restaurants.

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2 comments on “Review: The Counter Burger مطعم ذا كاونتر

  1. Yousef Q8 says:

    They cook the burgers well and they’re tasty and the onion strings are pretty good too, but I find it expensive. My wife and I ate there and our bill came out to be 14KD which if we went to Elevation, which has equally if not better tasting burgers, and ordered the same thing it would’ve cost around 7.500.

    It’s good but I don’t think it’s THAT good, but I gotta say I love the birthday shake.

    • B says:

      Yes true their prices are a bit high but i think its because of the size and portions served which i find to be huge compared to the elevation burger.

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