A Woman Gets Beat Up By 5 Men @ 360 Mall

360 mall

Some of you probably heard about it already from the web, it just happens to be that the victim is a friend of mine, she and her sister got violently assaulted at the famous 360 mall yesterday in the parking lot.

As if we are living in a barn, and after all the terrible and painful recent stories of the deceased doctor or the gas station stabbing, here we are again witnessing a new horrifying story that occurred yesterday in the 360 mall parking lot, all i know is that i saw the pictures they sent me & i saw how brutally she was hit and bruised. And to know that 5 men gathered up on a woman to beat her up mercilessly EVEN if she did something wrong is disturbing and action should be taken from the mall’s security & management from the beginning. Those kids ran away after their brutal crime & they most probably got away with it, i just hope the surveillance cameras or somebody could at least give useful information to who they are so that justice takes its way.

The hardest part was that while she was being beat up her sister was shouting and calling for help, all people did was just stand there and not move a muscle or at least call the police, how can anyone watch and not even act? how can you even think when you’re in such situation and not rush to help? I cant even begin to imagine how it felt.

More security should be in malls for god sake and strict rules to put those type of kids behind bars, this is just happening too much lately and now you’re reading about while tomorrow it might happen to you!!

Read more about it from our fellow blogger mybloogle, please help spread the word to get those guys behind bars use the hashtag #FindThe5 and let us know if you have any information about them.


Her eyes after the fight and now it’s even worse


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