Red Stage CurtainThe other day i went to watch the latest movie by Arnold Schwarzenegger “The Last Stand” in Marina Mall, now everything was going cool and we were seated and the movie began and just when i immersed myself in the movie after like 20mins later. The horrible journey began.

There were two guys sitting in front of us and they were laughing so hard for no reason, not only that but they started talking loudly anticipating the events and saying “shoot him out” and “ya waayliii 3al syara” and other stuff.

It just bugged the hell out of me, i tried to ask them to be quite and shutup, but just 5 mins later it starts again, the whole movie was completely ruined and to my luck other guys from the back thought it was funny what they are doing and they too began to act the same way.

Where are the security people in such situations? I remember seeing them every time i went to a movie! I’m writing this because even last night the same issue happened in Grand Cinemas at Al-Hamra Mall while watching the “Texas Chainsaw 3D” but this time with girls sitting behind my back laughing at every move they see. oh and by the way the movie sucked so bad.

What would you do if you were in the same situation?


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