Watanyia Telecom to be Ooredoo? الوطنية للاتصالات تغير الاسم الى “اريد”؟

rsz_ooredooWatanyia Telecom Company will be changing it’s brand name to “Ooredoo” as per the latest news. Qtel the Qatari telecom company announced at a conference yesterday night in Barcelona that all other operators will adopt the chosen name such as Wataniya in Kuwait, Nawras in Oman, Tunisiana in Tunisia and Nedjma in Algeria. And if you didn’t know Qtel owns a massive share from Watanyia and this is the reason behind the rebranding.

Now the name as translated in Arabic will be “I Want”, but come on! im sure there are plenty of other names why this one? I don’t really find it that appealing but that is just my humble opinion.

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