NewAir Program for Recycling اعادة التدوير في الكويت

NewAir Program By MRC

What is NewAir?

NewAir program assists participating companies in Kuwait to adopt environmentally friendly practices when disposing office waste.  The aim is to recycle materials where and when possible, thus reducing the landfill areas currently being devoted to the disposal of cans, paper, plastic bottles and other items, e-waste and especially cardboard and plastic packaging.

 I still don’t think the idea of recycling gets to people here in Kuwait, even i wouldn’t be aware of it if it wasn’t for a good friend who works at the MRC in Sulbyia.

Even individually if you’d like to join their program give them a call, a recycling bin will be delivered to your door and then they will be scheduling and coordinating with you on weekly basis on how to collect the stuff you need to dispose from with no cost.

20111105-162546We claim for more of these at government entities, mosques, schools and universities. The only place i saw such garbage disposal was at the Fanar Mall last year. We by nature as human beings will not move and and take a step forward if we do not see team work or at least see actions happening by our own eyes. well, at least some of us.

What does NewAir Collect & Recycle?


Join their Facebook page or Follow Twitter for more news and updates. Still need to know more about recycling and how and where it goes? watch this simple video below.


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