Boston Marathon Bombing تفجيرات ماراثون بوسطن

Runners continue to run towards the finish line as an explosion erupts at the finish line of the Boston Marathon

Two bombs were detonated during the Boston Marathon yesterday April 15th , just before the finish line, They killed 3 people & injured at least 144 others as per the recent news, There are yet no official suspects. 

I just feel sorry for the families and everyone who lost a dear soul in the incident, nobody deserves to die like that its just horrifying, but it just bothers me to see how all western media immediately pointed hands at the Arab & Muslim world with not yet clear evidence whatsoever!

With what’s going in Syria, Iraq, Pakistan or Afghanistan all i can blame is the US government for making the middle-east a flammable area, their own agenda is now known by everyone , and its just a matter of time until we hear another statement saying the US wants to invade another country. Thank you for importing democracy to the arab world within the last two years.

Warning: Graphic Images

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