Amghara Bridge Collapsed Video is FAKE! سقوط جسر أمغره

amghara bridgeI have been receiving this video for the past two days now saying that Amghara bridge on the sixth ring road in Kuwait had collapsed, and ladies and gents please do your investigation because its total bullshit!

There is just no reason for someone to have a video uploaded on youtube then renaming it and just spreading it around just for the views or broadcasts. The video apparently shows a bridge with caterpillars trying to demolish it and few seconds later it collapses to the ground.

I did my part of searching the video and found that this happened in KSA only two days ago in Jedda to be specific and i will show you the article and the original video.

Please do your research before spreading such rumors because its just annoying! Below is the video and here is the original article (link).


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