Things to do in Istanbul!

Istanbul is the only city in the world that has two different continents, it is huge. You will fall in love with it the moment you step out of the airport, which in my case was Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

There are thousands of hotels and other tourist-oriented industries in the city, catering to both vacationers and visiting professionals. The city is alive day & night so you can expect heavy traffic and a busy airport.

If this is your first visit then you will need to know where to go and have a plan already, i stayed at the Alkoclar Keban 4 stars hotel, it’s exactly a min away from the main Taksim Square and nearby almost everything you might need from Metros to other attractions.

The hotel was a great start for my vacation from staff to cleanliness and location, totally recommended!

I’ll list down some of the activities/attractions you should not miss in your visit to this fascinating city.

  • Taksim square, Isteqlal Avenue (only a minute from the hotel, packed with restaurants, cafes, stores, nightclubs and busy on weekends).
  • Blue Mosque,  Hagia Sophia & Topkapi palace (near Sultanahmet area, entry fee is 30TL about 15 US Dollars, book your ticket online or at the hotel to avoid staying in line for hours).
  • Eminönü District (Eminönü has many historical mosques and buildings such as the mentioned above plus Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and The new mosque).
  • Bosphorus Ferry Cruise Tour (probably the most overlooked Istanbul tourist attraction).
  • Istanbul’s Street Food (Kestane, Corn, Oysters, Kumpir Potato, Simit, Shawerma & surely the Turkish sweets almost in every shop).
  • Istanbul’s Night Life (Isteqlal Avenue is filled with your average nightclubs such as Lupe, Olympics, Indigo which i did not really enjoy other than that you will find 360, Riddim & Reina to be just great).

 That was a quick guide that i thought might help some of you to explore the city, there is way more than that in Istanbul, trust me this city will leave you speechless!


The Inverted Tower in Portugal البرج المعكوس في البرتغال

tumblr_m7klobyczk1r5dw6lo1_500While doing my usual internet digging, i came across this fascinating architecture located in Sintra, Portugal. An underground tunnel with a staircase going all the way down with a small garden at the end surrounded by a lake which i find very spookyyy!

Couldn’t really find much information on the tower itself but that it was owned by rich families when it was built.

Update: The sweet Beyondlisbon from Portugal was kind enough to help provide more information on the land (Link)

Explor the place: 360° tour


The land that is now “Quinta da Regaleira” had many owners through time. In 1892 it belonged to the Barons of Regaleira, a family of rich merchants from Porto, when it was purchased that year by Carvalho Monteiro for 25,000 réis. Monteiro wished to build a bewildering place where he could gather symbols that would reflect his interests and ideologies. With the assistance of the Italian architect Luigi Manini, he designed the 4-hectare estate with its enigmatic buildings, believed to hide symbols related to alchemy, Masonry, the Knights Templar, and the Rosicrucians. The architecture of the estate evokes Roman, Gothic, Renaissance and Manueline architectural styles. The construction of the current estate commenced in 1904 and most of it was concluded by 1910.

Source: wikipedia

5673368860_5b8d943509 4927484-regaleira_sintra tumblr_m7lu012o5v1rqx7qjo1_1280

Kuwait Breaks a New World Record with the Biggest Firework Show

What a night it was! i just know for a fact everyone i know was there even though i did not meet with anyone but pictures speaks lol!

I arrived exactly on time when the fireworks started and managed to take few shots and videos but unfortunately i only had my SIII with me.

With this glorious show, Kuwait broke a Guinness world record as 77,282 fireworks were fired and entered the Guinness World Records as the biggest firework show in the world. It really was so much fun and not a couldnt actualy even blink from the awesomeness of the show it was worth every minute.

Now while i was browsing few sites i found some breath-taking pictures on the Daily Mail Newspaper.

Even Al-Hamra Tower was glowing with Kuwait’s Flag while fireworks were taking place from The Green Island to Kuwait Towers.

First Head Cam Video of Felix Baumgartner فيديو يظهر التصوير من خوذة فيلكس

This is the first footage from Felix Baumgartner’s suit camera from yesterday’s attempt. It shows the moment in which Felix breaks the speed of sound and spins out of control.

شاهد: فيلكس بومغارتنر وهو يصنع التاريخ

Watch Felix Baumgartner 120,000-foot skydive attempt.

Imperial History of the Middle East التاريخ الإمبراطوري في الشرق الأوسط

A 90 seconds flashback to all the imperial history of the middle east, this site provides many other flashes that are worth watching. but this one is about who has conquered the middle east over the years that got me really interested.

Source: Link

Google Celebrates Bob Moog With a Playable Doodle

Google today came out with an interactive doodle to celebrate the 78th birthday of Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog – an American music enthusiast; best known for his invention of the Moog Synthesizer.

The Google doodle is a virtual version of the device (Moog Synthesizer), This thing is awesome you can even record and listen to what you did. 😀 Goooooogle we love yooou! go and visit google now and enjoy the fun. 😀