NAS Airports App Available on iOS & Android


All flight and booking information in one place.

National Aviation Services just released their official mobile application on both iOS & Andoid, just look for NAS airports and you will find it in the store.

The app brings real time flight information, allows you to book an airport lounge or the meet and assist service or even check on your lost luggage and much more.

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Other than that, you can complete your check-in or select your seat on your flight, plus you will receive local and global travel and duty free promotions.

The idea of  how they are trying to put everything in one place is excellent, the app still needs some improvements in design and updates in different sections though.

You can find it on Andoid’s google play or the App store



Italian Football Legend Del Piero in Kuwait

del pieroAlessandro Del Piero arrived to Kuwait this morning to participate in the Al-Roudan Tournament that will be held at Da’iya Area in Al-Roudan Hall, Friday 26th of July at 3:00PM.

I’m on of his biggest fans but its a shame i did not receive any invitations for the event. I added a new video from the Al-Roudan Tournament hall, and for pictures and videos check their Instagram account (link)

Zain Social Media Day Teaser Video


Zain released a teaser video for their upcoming event on the Social media day, can’t wait 😀

When: 30th of June

Where: Place unknown

Dr Omran Al-Qarashi Arrested Defending Rights of Expats

61171200pxFor the past couple of days am sure you guys are now almost familiar with Dr Omran Al-Qarashi’s face as he protested several times already against the operation that has been going to reduce the number of expats in Kuwait (Illegal ones of course).

Dr Omran was arrested shamefully in front of the Palace of justice in Kuwait city, and was sent to the Psychiatric Hospital to check on his condition. (Link)

Asian Driver Severely Beaten in Kuwait

driver beaten

A video uploaded on youtube from Al-Watan TV shows a fight that occurred on a highway in Kuwait and was caught by the traffic cameras available now on streets. The Asian driver with the Toyota Corolla was no match for the giant attacker who aimed a barrage of punches without resisting from the Asian driver.

I think those cameras will be really useful in many cases afterall and it feels more safe to know you might actually end up in such a situation where there are no witnesses but the camera to prove your not guilty.

Mobile Number Portability on June 15th

ministry of communicationsYou need to switch to another telecom but still want to keep your mobile number? Mobile number portability will be available in Kuwait June 15th 2013 with the three telecom operators Zain, Watanyia and Viva.

There will be no cost and all that is required is to settle your bill with the company, go to the other one and have them switching it with a new sim card in less than 24hrs.

I know i will not be switching anytime soon because im currently very satisfied with my services with Zain. 😉

Kono Pizza Anyone?

IMG-20130523-WA0018A friend of mine sent me this today, they are serving already in AUK and staying maybe for a month or two. But really just look at this, isnt it just something you’d want to try at least once? 😀

Does anyone know if they will be opening any branches or already have a location in Kuwait? Because it seems they only serve through 😦

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