Sensation will make it’s debut in Dubai this fall!


The news is now already a month old but i just found out about it, Sensation is an indoor electronic dance music event which originated in the Netherlands. The original event, which ran exclusively in the Amsterdam ArenA for a period of five years until 2005, will now debut in Dubai and to be outdoor for the first time!

Mark your calenders and dress up all in white on Friday the 31st of October 2014. This will be the very first outdoor Sensation event in history, it will also be the the first time the event is held in the Middle East.

Bookings and more news will soon be available through the website.


Armin’s 5th Artist Album ‘Intense’ is Out!

CoverFor those who have been waiting patiently for this album, it is now out on iTunes for $11.99 only. Am definitly sure this one will be stuck on my playlist for at least 6 months.

Buy the Album: iTunes

Below is one of the good songs available in this album

Metallica Returning to Abu Dhabi On April

Metallica pageYes what you just read is 100% true and its added to Metallica’s official website in tours page, they will be preforming Yas Island in Abu Dhabi on the 19th of April, i just wish i could make it this time. 😦

For more information and booking tickets: Link

Video of the Week By Avicii

Avici Been listening to this song by Avicii for a week now, The song is just so pleasing to the ears. Enjoy watching this vivacious character live life to the fullest and laugh. 😀

Gangnam Style Breaks Youtube Record أغنية جانجنام ستايل الأكثر مشاهدة على يوتيوب

South Korean rap star PSY’s music video Gangnam Style became the most watched video on Youtube with more than 800 million views, taking out the Canadian teen star Justin Bieber’s video for his song “Baby”.

I saw the video last week only and it added almost more than 10 million views already, i loved the 2nd video of the song with Hyuna the South Korean star also (Video).

As you know now many people have tried imitating the video and everything related to it, in my next post i will put up some of those videos which are hilariously funny and shot from all over the world. 😀

Source: Link

Most Relaxing Tune Ever من اكثر الالحان الجميلة للإسترخاء

A British band and a group of scientists have made the most relaxing tune in the history of man, an Mp3 of which is at the bottom of this post.

Sound therapists and Manchester band Marconi Union compiled the song. Scientists played it to 40 women and found it to be more effective at helping them relax than songs by Enya, Mozart and Coldplay.

The tune is actually very relaxing just imagine your sitting in those chairs next to the shore with your headphones on and your eyes gazing into the sea. that’s the image that came to my head. 😀

Listen to the song: Link

Google Celebrates Bob Moog With a Playable Doodle

Google today came out with an interactive doodle to celebrate the 78th birthday of Robert Arthur “Bob” Moog – an American music enthusiast; best known for his invention of the Moog Synthesizer.

The Google doodle is a virtual version of the device (Moog Synthesizer), This thing is awesome you can even record and listen to what you did. 😀 Goooooogle we love yooou! go and visit google now and enjoy the fun. 😀