Facebook Update, But in Real Life!

fbYou know that feeling when you login to your Facebook account and find few slight changes, but then you find that your settings have been reset or changed and you need to check your privacy again?

OK enough talk, just watch this funny video 😀


YouTube Shutting Down Tonight? يوتيوب سيغلق من اليوم

youtubepranlYoutube after eight years in business will no longer accept videos and will be shutting down tonight until the year 2023. Oh well, if you haven’t noticed what day is it yet then you must get ready to be pranked by friends or family.

Happy April Fools’ Day!!

McDonald’s Photography Competition مسابقة ماكدونالدز للتصوير


McDonald’s Kuwait is pleased to announce the a fun photography contest called “My McDonald’s” starting on Jan. 10. 2013 till Jan. 26. 2013.

The competition, that is open to all individuals in the State of Kuwait, and will be a platform to showcase their creativity and talent by using either their smartphones or digital cameras.  Participants will be asked to capture their best McDonald’s experience (a family picture at a restaurant, a sunset behind a store, their favorite meal etc.)



In order to be eligible for the smartphone contests users can:

  •           Submit up to 2 photos taken with their smartphone per week
  •  Sumissions must take place on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday to: mymcdonalds@mcdonalds-kuwait.com.
  •  They must submit the photo with their name, contact number, and type of camera they used in order to be eligible.

Once they have been submitted, all photos for that week will be posted on the McDonald’s Arabia Instagram page under the hashtag #mymcdonaldskw and in the album titled “My McDonald’s Kuwait” on the McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page.


  •     Voting will take place from Sunday to Tuesday of every week on McDonald’s Arabia Facebook page and Instagram


  •    3 weekly winners with the most “Likes” (between both Facebook and Instagram) will be announced every Wednesday

–       A Nikon D5200 DSLR cameras will be awarded to each weekly winner


–       At the end of the month a grand prize will be awarded to the top 3 photos.

  • Judging panel will consist of prominent Kuwaiti photographers: Abdul Aziz Al Asousi, Majed Al Zaabi and Faisal Al Bisher.

Three photos will be chosen for a grand prize.

1st Place:            2000 KWD

2nd Place:           1000 KWD

3rd Place:            500 KWD

The winners of these prizes will be announced at an awards ceremony on February 2nd 2013.

Map: Gulf Road New Speed Cams Operating تعرف على كاميرات السرعة الجديدة على شارع الخليج

cameraAs i was passing the gulf road yesterday leaving work from Kuwait City to Salmyia, i saw up to 4 new cameras installed and ready & i know they are operating now as one of them flashed in front of me.

I thought maybe if i made an a humble map by putting up all the old and new speeding cameras on the gulf road it would actually help some people avoid the trouble, now the Yellow color means coming from Salmyia to Kuwait City and Red vice versa.

القصد باللون الاصفر انك لو كنت قادم من السالمية الى مدينة الكويت والاحمر العكس


Yellow – Fish Market in Souk Sharq الاصفر – سوق السمك بسوق شرق

 Red – The traffic light before Al-Amiri Hospital الاحمر – اشارة المرور قبل مستشفى الاميري

Yellow – The traffic light next to Dasman for Diabetes الاصفر – إشارة المرور بالقرب من مجمع دسمان للسكري

Red – The traffic light next to Kuwait Society of Engineers الاحمر – إشارة المرور بالقرب من جمعية المهندسين


Red – Near KFC and before the traffic light  الاحمر – بالقرب من مطعم كنتاكي

Yellow – Next to KFC الاصفر – بالقرب من مطعم كنتاكي

Red – Next to Fridays and the Petrol Pump الاحمر – بالقرب من فرايديز ومحطة البنزين

Yellow – Usually a parked car with a camera الاصفر – توجد عادة سيارة مزودة بكاميرا

Red – Next to Shaab area and close to hotels الاحمر – بالقرب من الشعب والفنادق

Yellow – Next to McDonalds الاصفر – بجانب ماكدونالدز

Red – Next to Alfa Petrol Pump الاحمر – بالقرب من محطة الفا للوقود

Most Visited Sites in Kuwait & The World أكثر المواقع زيارة في سنة 2012

world most visited

If you are wondering which are the top sites for the year of 2012. Well, you will not be surprised much because those are the most visited sites by anyone these days and no new sites to recently get on the list.

Top 2012 most visited sites on the web:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Baidu.com
  6. Wikipedia
  7. Windows Live
  8. Amazon.com
  9. QQ.COM
  10. Twitter

And the list of the 15 top sites in Kuwait are as below. Looks like our Egyptian fellows are really really interested in their country’s happenings.

Top 2012 most visited sites in Kuwait:

  1. google.com.kw
  2. Facebook
  3. YouTube
  4. Google
  5. Yahoo!
  6. Windows Live
  7. Twitter
  8. Blogspot.com
  9. Wikipedia
  10. جريدة الوطن
  11. Amazon.com
  12. اليوم السابع
  13. Babylon
  14. جريدة الراي الكويتية
  15. مصراوي – Masrawy

Instagram New Web Profile Pages

Am sure most of you are Instagramers by now, and you probably noticed the new profile pages that actually can be accessed through any browser. If you look closely you will find it very similar to Facebook’s timeline and it is a very unique way to browse and check photos.

Instagram announced the news on Monday. The pictures taken with your smartphone would have online profiles, but some users claim that there is no privacy set and the profiles allow anyone to view the images.

To be honest i still haven’t checked if the claims are true, but i will update you since this is a major issue for certain people who doesn’t want their profiles to be publicly viewed by anyone.

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لبناني يفاجئ حبيبته بعيد ميلادها ويتقدم لخطبتها في العلن في احد مجمعات بيروت

A is back now to Blogging 🙂 miss me? i’ve been away for a while because i had to move to a new job in the past period, and my time was very very tight. Here i am again.. and I would like to share with you this amazing video about a Lebanese man Elias Hebbou.. arranging and making a beautiful sweet surprise for his beloved Rana Zaarour in occasion of her Birthday and Proposing to marry her in public, at Le Mall, Lebanon.

Enjoy the video.. this is a very unique surprise.