Things to do in Istanbul!

Istanbul is the only city in the world that has two different continents, it is huge. You will fall in love with it the moment you step out of the airport, which in my case was Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

There are thousands of hotels and other tourist-oriented industries in the city, catering to both vacationers and visiting professionals. The city is alive day & night so you can expect heavy traffic and a busy airport.

If this is your first visit then you will need to know where to go and have a plan already, i stayed at the Alkoclar Keban 4 stars hotel, it’s exactly a min away from the main Taksim Square and nearby almost everything you might need from Metros to other attractions.

The hotel was a great start for my vacation from staff to cleanliness and location, totally recommended!

I’ll list down some of the activities/attractions you should not miss in your visit to this fascinating city.

  • Taksim square, Isteqlal Avenue (only a minute from the hotel, packed with restaurants, cafes, stores, nightclubs and busy on weekends).
  • Blue Mosque,  Hagia Sophia & Topkapi palace (near Sultanahmet area, entry fee is 30TL about 15 US Dollars, book your ticket online or at the hotel to avoid staying in line for hours).
  • Eminönü District (Eminönü has many historical mosques and buildings such as the mentioned above plus Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar and The new mosque).
  • Bosphorus Ferry Cruise Tour (probably the most overlooked Istanbul tourist attraction).
  • Istanbul’s Street Food (Kestane, Corn, Oysters, Kumpir Potato, Simit, Shawerma & surely the Turkish sweets almost in every shop).
  • Istanbul’s Night Life (Isteqlal Avenue is filled with your average nightclubs such as Lupe, Olympics, Indigo which i did not really enjoy other than that you will find 360, Riddim & Reina to be just great).

 That was a quick guide that i thought might help some of you to explore the city, there is way more than that in Istanbul, trust me this city will leave you speechless!


Sensation will make it’s debut in Dubai this fall!


The news is now already a month old but i just found out about it, Sensation is an indoor electronic dance music event which originated in the Netherlands. The original event, which ran exclusively in the Amsterdam ArenA for a period of five years until 2005, will now debut in Dubai and to be outdoor for the first time!

Mark your calenders and dress up all in white on Friday the 31st of October 2014. This will be the very first outdoor Sensation event in history, it will also be the the first time the event is held in the Middle East.

Bookings and more news will soon be available through the website.

Best Shots of Lebanon Trip اجمل صور التقطها في لبنان

Well I’m back to Kuwait, and i’ve chosen for you the best and most beautiful shots i snapped in Lebanon 🙂 sightseeings, places and food 😀 enjoy the pictures 🙂

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Discovery Travel Offers عروض ديسكفري للسياحة والسفر

Discovery Travel and Tourism have published amazing offers for the upcoming holiday on 25th and 26th of February for Dubai destination, check out the adv. below 🙂

Special Thanks to Mr. Ali Mustafa

Cafe Hamra, Beirut كافيه حمرا، بيروت

In my last week in Beirut, my residency was in some Hotel in Hamra area, the area that never sleeps, If you’ve been to Lebanon before i guess you already know this area because it is full of cafes, restaurants, and many shopping stores as well. anyway i would like to share with you guys a review about my favorite cafe at Hamra street, Cafe Hamra, they serve one of my best Shisha in Lebanon and they also have an amazing Salad Bar and a rich menu of many cuisines, in my last visit to Cafe Hamra i had a delicious Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta, Mozzarella Sticks and as usual my Diet Coke, followed with an Apple Shisha and Tea 😀 i loved the decoration of the place over there and the friendly staff, specially the good looking lady at the front entrance ;P enjoy the pictures.

Rate 9/10

My Trip to Cedars, Lebanon زيارتي الى غابة الارز، لبنان

Well, this trip was the best of my visit to Lebanon, Cedars Forest is beyond description. Pay a visit to Cedars and you will understand why all lebanese people are so proud of their homeland despite all the wars experienced by them in history. I couldn’t hold myself from taking pictures for anything my eyes catch. because simply, wherever you look at up there, its beautiful, Enjoy the pictures i snapped. and i will be back with a post for the best of photos i took for Cedars Forest later on 🙂 stay tuned.


Babylon Restaurant, Beirut مطعم بابل، بيروت

One of the most classy restaurants in Lebanon, They serve the best lebanese food i’ve ever tried. Bablyon – بابل is located in Dbayeh area, they are a lebanese cuisine and their menu is rich with all kinds of lebanese delicious appetizers and main dishes, we ordered a collection of appetizers, Hommos, Kebbeh, Tabouleh, Fatoush, and Vine leaves in oil, followed by delicious yummy dishes of of kafta, shish taouk and grilled meat chunks.

And after that its time for some fresh fruits 🙂 and Shishaa! it was a beautiful experience, and by the way, the indoor and outdoor decoration of the restaurant is really a piece of art! Enjoy the pictures and stay tuned 🙂

Rate: 9.5/10