Ever Wondered Who Unfollowed you on Twitter/Instagram? من قام بعمل انفولو لحسابك على تويتر وانستغرام

FollowersYES it is possible, after going through hell to eliminate the fake applications available i found the best free applications to determine correctly who unfollowed you on Instagram or Twitter.

Now these applications are very easy to use and doesn’t need instructions, you just need to log in to your actual account and once you do it will give you all the information of who unfollowed you or who is not following you back ..etc.

Now the 3rd application “InstaMessage” is a tool for Instagram to be able to chat with your followers instantly. These applications are available on iOS but unfortunately not on Android except for Instamessage though.

Download links as below:

1- Find Unfollowers On Twitter

2- My Followers On Instagram

3- InstaMessage


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The Saudi Company “Kingdom Holding – المملكة القابضة” has announced buying stocks that are worth 1,125 billion Saudi Riyal (around $300 million) in the social network Twitter. The Billionaire Saudi Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal which is one of the richest men in the world is actually the chairman of board of directors at that company. The process of this agreement took months of negotiations to reach the end point.

It is interesting to know that the same company has signed a contract last summer to build the tallest tower in the world (+1000 meter in Jedda, KSA) which will beat the currently tallest tower Burj Khalifa (830 meter in Dubai, UAE).

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